Dear Student,

I wish you a warm welcome to the Catholic community at the University of Mary Washington.  In my short time here, the word that I hear most consistently by Catholics and non-Catholics alike is "joyful"; indeed a marvelous description of our community! We strive to be a community that welcomes everyone who comes through our doors in the name of Jesus Christ, and we gently assist the person, regardless of his or her background, to encounter the Lord Jesus in a deeper, more personal way than they have before.
The hallmarks of our ministry are a desire for our students to: 1) grow in the love of God by a deeper prayer life rooted in the love of Christ in the Holy Mass and Eucharistic adoration, and with a habit of regular confession;  2) recognize Christ in our neighbor, fostering a desire to love and serve one’s neighbor,  and bring him or her to encounter Christ and His Church; 3) serve God as faithfully as possible, with the gifts He gives to each of us, and grow in holiness.
I hope you will find our Catholic community a place to call a "second home," while you pursue your academic studies at the University of Mary Washington. I hope we can help you in some way, big or small, to grow in virtue and holiness during your time in this community.

With warmest regards,

Fr. Christopher T. Vaccaro
Chaplain and Director of Catholic Campus Ministry