Women's Discernment Group

It can be tricky to hear God's voice and discern where he is leading us when our schedules are so busy with classes, work, and social engagements, among other things. The young women's Discernment Group is an opportunity for women to gather together to learn more about the process of discernment and become the women of prayer and virtue that God created them to be! In this group, guided by Fr. Vaccaro, women will be able to offer each other support as they seek to uncover the plan our Lord has for them while sharing insights and working towards the ultimate goal of becoming holy women of God and the best-version-of-themselves. Are you called to the religious life? What is spiritual motherhood? You’ll never know unless you learn more about it; and if you feel called toward or away from the religious life you’ll be one step closer to your vocation either way! This group is meant to give you the information you need to help you figure it out.

One of the resources that the group will use is Discerning Religious Life, by Sr. Clare Matthiass, CFR. This book aims to help guide women who are discerning religious life and what to do if the do feel that God is calling them to serve Him in this way. The group is open to all women and the meetings are held once a month from 6pm - 7pm in the lounge at the Saint John Bosco Center and include going out for pizza at the end of the discussion each week. Walk-ins are welcome for the talk and discussion portion from 6-7pm but sign ups are required for the dinner portion of the event from 7pm-8:15pm. Those interested in attending can sign up here.

Fall 2019 Meeting Dates

September 23rd (9/23)

October 21st (10/21)

November 18th (11/18)

Those interested in learning more about the group can contact Fr. Vaccaro at fathervaccaro@umwccm.org.