Sunday Talk Series | Fall 2019

The Sunday Talk Series is a faith formation program, designed to help you learn more about how to live out your Catholic faith in real life situations. This year the Sunday Talk Series is entitled Relationships 501: Navigating Friendship and Dating Successfully and is held on campus on Sundays at 7:30pm in Lee Hall 411.

Sunday Talk Series Fall 2019 Schedule:

9/1 – Introduction/State of Relationships I

9/8 – State of Relationships II

9/15 – Different Kinds of Friendships – Why Are They Good?

9/22 – Q+A with Bishop Burbidge (Not part of the Series; special event)

9/29 – What Are the Keys to Being a Good Friend?


10/6 – The Need for Maturity

10/13 – NO TALK (Fall Break)

10/20 – Q + A on Friendship

10/27 – NO TALK (Upperclassmen Retreat)


11/3 – Introduction to Dating

11/10 – How Do Students Think About Dating Today?

11/17 – Attraction – Sensuality/Sentimentality

11/24 – Q + A on Dating (LAST SUNDAY TALK)


12/1 – NO TALK (Thanksgiving Break)

12/8 – NO TALK (Final Exams)

If you cannot attend the talk or need a lesson on the way to class- CLICK ABOVE for all the recorded episodes on our new PODCAST!