Sunday Talk Series | Fall 2018

The Sunday Talk Series is a faith formation program, designed to help you learn more about how to live out your Catholic faith in real life situations. This year the Sunday talk is entitled The Beauty of the Human Person: The Meaning of Man and Woman in Relation to One Another and God and is held on campus on Sundays at 7:30pm in Lee Hall 411. 

Sunday Talk Series Fall 2018 Schedule:

September 2nd    In the Beginning: How We are Made

September 9th     Innocence and Solitude

September 16th   The Human Person: Death or Immortality

September 23rd    Bishop Burbidge Q and A

September 30th    The Unity of Man and Woman

October 7th         To be Naked without Shame

October 14th No Talk

October 21st        Gifts: Creation and the Human Body

October 28th       Love: A Free Gift to be Given Away

November 4th      No Talk

November 11th    Innocence: Truly Living in Grace      

November 18th     Cycle of Life: From God and Back to God

November 25th No Talk

December 2nd      Beyond Rules: Christ Calls to the Heart

If you cannot attend the talk or need a lesson on the way to class- CLICK ABOVE for all the recorded episodes on our new PODCAST!