Week of March 24th, 2019


Hello Students!

Through this season we have the blessing and honor of receiving articles from different priests and revered holy men and woman in our community that were chosen by our own student leaders! We will be reposting them here, so more of the community has access to them.

This Sunday at CCM, we will begin the Scrutinies in preparation for our catechumens to become full members of the Church. The first Gospel of the scrutinies is the story of the woman at the well (John 4:3-32). In preparation for Sunday, Father Stephen Vaccaro, Parochial Vicar at The Church of the Nativity in Burke, wrote for us a reflection on Christ’s saving of the woman at the well and her resulting joy.

In Sunday’s gospel, we see Jesus interacting with the Samaritan woman. At first glance, it may seem that Jesus is lecturing this woman and that his demands for her life are too great: that she live according to the Law of God. But if we look a little deeper, we see that Christ is SAVING this woman. While He demands much from her, in the process of demanding, He is simultaneously revealing to her Eternal Life: He, Who is the way, is showing her the Way to H. And if we look how she responds to Jesus, at first she seems shocked. But by the end of the Gospel, we see the Samaritan woman starting to realize how much God is giving her. In joy and in gratitude she runs and shares the Good News with zeal and reckless abandon. For us, we are standing at that well alongside that Samaritan woman. Jesus comes to each one of us and calls us to live the glorious, yet demanding life, of Christian Saints. But as much as Christ demands, even more does He give: His very Self, the Grace of the Sacraments, and membership in His Holy Church. With Him in our life, we have everything: we can conquer sin, we can do the impossible, we can save the world with Him, we can become Saints! We, too, should be filled with joy and with gratitude for this great gift. And just like that Samaritan woman, filled with this joy and gratitude, we should run into the world and share this message of salvation to all we meet.

-Fr. Stephen Vaccaro     

May God bless you!

Father Vaccaro and the St. John Bosco Staff


Join us for our third annual Mass Under the Lights on the Intramural fields on April 4, 2019, at 8:00 pm!  This is a wonderful opportunity to evangelize and be a witness to the faith to so many athletes on campus who may have never experienced Christ! What a blessing to share our faith with so many of our peers and to give an explanation for our joy! Invite all your friends and make sure to RSVP here.


Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit, fill my heart with Your holy gifts.

Let my weakness be penetrated with Your strength this very day that I may fulfill all the duties of my state conscientiously, that I may do what is right and just.

Let my charity be such as to offend no one, and hurt no one's feelings; so generous as to pardon sincerely any wrong done to me.

Assist me, O Holy Spirit, in all my trials of life, enlighten me in my ignorance, advise me in my doubts, strengthen me in my weakness, help me in all my needs, protect me in temptations and console me in afflictions.

Graciously hear me, O Holy Spirit, and pour Your light into my heart, my soul, and my mind. Assist me to live a holy life and to grow in goodness and grace.



men's discernment group.png

Calling all guys! Our Men's Discernment Group meets this Monday, March 25th at 6:00 pm in the Saint John Bosco Center Lounge! After the discussion, hang out with the bros for free dinner at Primavera. Those interested in learning more about the group can contact Father Vaccaro at fathervaccaro@umwccm.org


Looking for an entertaining and engaging Sunday night activity? Look no further! Join us tonight at 7:30 pm in Lee Hall Room 411 for the Sunday Talk series! The topic of the night is True Attraction vs. the Look of Lust. After the talk joins the carpool to McDonald’s for food and fellowship. There are only four Talks left this year so mark your calendar!

If you want a recap of previous Sunday Talk discussions, check it out on Apple Podcasts and Google Play


Looking for a way to grow more in the faith while fostering relationships and enjoying tasty, home-cooked meals? Come on down to Supper Social, held every Thursday at the UMW CCM! This week, on March 28th, Supper Social will feature a Gathering-style dinner, in which you can enjoy some quality time in faith and friendship, accompanied by delicious, home-cooked food and fun games! Next week, on April 4th, we will not be having Supper Social due to Mass Under the Lights, but we encourage you all to attend the event, as it is a truly beautiful celebration of the faith. We look forward to welcoming you to these events! 


Last week we had our men’s and women’s formation night. The men went to the St. Andrews Dinner. The women heard a wonderful talk given by MariTere on keeping up our prayer life. After the talk, we did a paint night and everyone’s paintings turned out wonderful. This week is our annual Live Clue event. It will start at 9 in The Link. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.