Week of February 24th, 2019


Hello Students!

The Gospel this week talks about gift giving! We all love receiving gifts, but it locks us into this situation where we end up competing with the other person to outdo the other.  If the person has given us a gift of a certain cost, then we must give something of the same amount or higher, otherwise, we obviously don’t love them as much, right?

Jacques Derrida, the French philosopher calls this the Dilemma of the Gift.  A gift in its nature should have no strings attached. But yet, Father Robert Barron reflects that all gifts awaken in the receiver an obligation to give a gift in return.  It is a competition in a sense instead and we feel an obligation to at least reciprocate and give a thank you.

It puts us in a superior state as the giver.  We can never really freely give a gift, as the person is put in an “economy of exchange” in our Fallen world. It is very rare to give with no strings attached without any desire to have any thanks for the gift giving.

This is where we want to strive to be. The Lord is our greatest example of giving with no desire for anything in return. He doesn’t need anything as a perfect and complete being; therefore He doesn’t have any selfish desire in His giving. He gives in purity.

This is what true love is: giving without expecting in return. Here are some ways we can do this on and off campus:

  1. This week, try giving a gift in secret, so you won’t get any thanks for it. Give sheerly for love of the other. Examples of this could be buying a coffee for someone in line behind you or cleaning up the St. John Bosco Center when no one is there.

  2. Write your professors a kind note of appreciation unsigned and slip it in their mailbox for later so they are uplifted and you won’t get the credit for it.

May we all be strengthened in purity by the example of our Lord and Our Father in Heaven, who are the greatest examples of sacrifice, love and truly desiring the good of the other.  In our flawed nature, we may give to increase our self-esteem and make us feel better, but instead, we need to learn to rely on the Lord, so we do not need the good feelings from selfishly giving gifts to others.  True love gives with the desire for nothing in return.

May God bless you!

Father Vaccaro and the St. John Bosco Staff


Hello everyone! We hope you have a wonderful last week of classes before spring break. This week, make sure to take time to slow down, think about what you are going to give up as we enter the Lenten Season, and enjoy this last week with your friends on campus. We hope to see you at the St. John Bosco Center for Mass, adoration, and enjoying fellowship! God bless you.


Sunday – Students, Faculty, and Staff of UMW

Monday – Victims of Clergy Abuse

Tuesday – Gifts of the Holy Spirit for CCM

Thursday – The Students of CCM

Friday – Fr. Vaccaro’s Family


Prayer for God’s Guidance

Father in Heaven, You made me Your child and called me to walk in the Light of Christ.

Free me from darkness and keep me in the Light of Your Truth.

The Light of Jesus has scattered the darkness of hatred and sin.

Called to that Light, I ask for Your guidance.

Form my life in Your Truth, my heart in Your Love.

Through the Holy Eucharist, give me the power of Your Grace that I may walk in the Light of Jesus and serve Him faithfully.


Check out the newest video in our testimony video series featuring junior Kaitlin as she shares her story of finding forgiveness through the sacraments!


Looking for a way to grow more in the faith while fostering relationships and enjoying tasty, home-cooked meals? Come on down to Supper Social, held every Thursday at the UMW CCM! The next Social Supper on February 28 will feature a gathering-style dinner, where you can spend some quality time in faith-centered fellowship while enjoying delicious sloppy joes, home cooked fries, and a tasty homemade cake with ice cream for dessert and fun games! There will be no Supper Social next week on March 7. We hope you have a relaxing, rejuvenating break, and look forward to welcoming you back to Supper Social in the weeks to come!


There is no Friday Fun this week. Have a great Spring Break and we look forward to welcoming you at the swing dance, our next event when we return!



Want a break from homework? Join us tonight at 7:30 pm in Lee Hall Room 411 for the Sunday Talk series! The topic of the night is Being Guardians of the Gift. After the Talk, join the carpool to McDonald’s for food and fellowship. If you want a recap of previous Sunday Talk discussions, check it out on Apple Podcasts and Google Play


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Calling all guys! Our Men's Discernment Group meets this Monday, February 25 at 6:00 pm in the St.John Bosco Center Lounge! After the discussion, hang out with the bros for dinner at Primavera. Those interested in learning more about the group can contact Father Vaccaro at fathervaccaro@umwccm.org.