Week of November 18th, 2018


In college, all of us are adapting to new situations, whether we are freshman and just getting used to being away from our families for the first time, sophomores who are getting used to heavier course loads, juniors who are thinking about grad schools and the next steps in life, or seniors thinking about graduation and moving into the working world and living on our own.

As we get used to our new home at Mary Washington, we can look at the Saints as an example of people who learned to thrive, remain calm, and seek virtue in extreme and stressful situations. St. Maximilian Kolbe is a wonderful example of this. He was a Catholic Priest who was captured in World War II, placed in Auschwitz concentration camp, sacrificed his life for another man, and was able to lift the spirits of a starvation bunker to the dismay of the officers working there. His joy was so profound that the person whom he saved has publically spoken out about his impact on the world at conferences in various countries to this day! He could have been broken by the circumstances of his life, but instead, he used it as an opportunity to rise to greatness!

Here are some practical steps that we can use when we enter new situations to follow in St. Maximilian Kolbe’s footsteps at UMW to rise to greatness. Psychologist Viktor Frankl suggests we go through 3 steps when we enter new situations:

1. Shock - we are shocked when we come to new places because we don’t like change and must adapt. Don’t be alarmed, but rather allow yourself some time to get used to your new environment. Don’t quit on it, but give it some time. If UMW seems scary or not like a good fit try giving it a second chance and it might grow on you!

2. Apathy - we get to points where it doesn’t bother us anymore and we stop caring about the changes, even if we don’t like them. They become normal to us and we adapt. The things about college that might have seemed like a big deal STOP MATTERING and we find positives and make new friends and find things to be grateful for!

3. Acceptance or Failure - We can accept our new environment and learn to thrive in it. You can have success at UMW or any new place you go and learn to adapt or you will allow it to conquer you and only be able to see the negatives in your situation.

Like the Saints, we can learn to adapt, see the goodness in any environment and learn to be thankful no matter where we are, or we can let it conquer us and take us down. It is our choice- failure or greatness. Which one will you choose?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and know of our daily prayers for each of you!

Father Vaccaro and the St. John Bosco Staff


Reminder we have no Mass next week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Break from all of the staff at the Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Mary Washington.

How do we avoid being ungrateful this Thanksgiving? We have to cultivate the virtue of gratitude. We have to see and recognize the gifts that we have been given in our lives, not the things that may be missing. We have a tendency to appreciate gifts for short periods of time, but then as soon as we are given gifts we tend to neglect them. How can we begin this Thanksgiving to appreciate the gifts we have been given and the tremendous generosity of God’s love for us?

Video Fr. Mike Schmitz- How to Avoid Being Ungrateful


Calling all ladies! The last Women’s Discernment group is tomorrow, Monday, November 19th at 6:00 pm in the Saint John Bosco Center lounge followed by a trip to Primavera.


We invite you to join us for Liturgy of the Hours every week at these times:

Monday at 5pm

Tuesday at 5pm

Thursday after Supper Social

Friday at 11:30 am


Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua, Performer of Miracles

Dear Saint Anthony, your prayers obtained miracles during your lifetime. You still seem to move at ease in the realm of minor and major miracles. Saint Anthony, Performer of Miracles, please obtain for me the blessings God holds in reserve for those who serve Him. Pray that I may be worthy of the promises my Lord Jesus attaches to confident prayer.


This week, we had our men's and women's formation nights. Everyone had a good time listening to the speakers and doing the activities. This week there will be no Fun Friday due to Thanksgiving Break. On November 30, we will be going to see Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindlewald. The ticket is discounted to almost half priced. The cost is $9 and you can sign up here. December 7 is our annual trip to go see the National Christmas Tree and the Willard Hotel. The cost for this event is $5 to help cover gas and parking and you can sign up here. If you prefer to pay by cash, please bring your cash to the front desk at the St. John Bosco Center.


Looking for a way to grow more in the faith while fostering relationships and enjoying tasty, home-cooked meals? Come on down to Supper Social, held every Thursday at the UMW CCM! This week we have Thanksgiving Break and will not have Social Supper, but next Thursday, November 29, Supper Social will feature a talk by Colleen Rooney on “Festive Foods,” with a delicious meal prepared by Mrs. Atkinson. The following week, on December 6, we will be having a penance service with a nacho bar prepared by Mrs. Rihl. Get a break from campus dining, and enjoy some fellowship! We look forward to welcoming you to these events!


It's almost time for everyone's favorite time of the semester...finals week! Imagine this, you're six books deep, it's 3 am, you're stressed and all you want is a snack and note of encouragement. Well, for this December's service event we will be meeting up and making care packages for our fellow Eagles that will include a snack and a handwritten note! The event will start with 11 am Mass on Saturday, December 1. We will then head over to the Colonnade Room to put together the packages and hand them out to students in need at the library and all over campus! For more info, contact Michelle at mmunoz@mail.umw.edu


There will be no Sunday Talk next week (November 25th) because of Thanksgiving Break. Relax and enjoy time spent with family and friends!

Follow up on Father Vaccaro’s message from the “Love - A Free Gift to be Given” talk and bring your friends to this semester’s last Sunday Talk titled “Innocence - Truly Living in Grace” on December 2.

We will be dining at McDonald’s after the talk - if it’s your first time at McDonald’s with us, Father Vaccaro will treat you to ice cream!

If you haven’t already, check out the Sunday Talk on Apple Podcasts and Google Play