Why Join A Bible Study?

Our Bible studies are small groups of students who gather together weekly to study Sacred Scripture and discuss how to live out the Word of God in their daily lives. The students and Bible study leader explore the Scriptures together and seek to develop a deeper relationship with Christ. The small group setting allows students to get to know one another, dive deeper into their faith on a personal level, and hold one other accountable to living their faith on campus. Any student seeking to grow personally, in knowledge of the faith, prayer, and relationships will benefit from a joining a Bible study. 


Women's Bible Studies

Upperclassmen Women’s

  • Topic: True Womanhood: Life and Virtues of Mary   

  • Leaders: Tatiana with Elise assisting

    • Tuesday at 7PM in the Link

Freshmen Women’s

  • Topic: Living Gospel and Story of Salvation

  • Leaders: Kaitlin

    • Tuesday at 7PM in the Link


  • Topic: Living Gospel and Story of Salvation

  • Leaders: Keiry and Juliana

    • Tuesday at 5:30PM in the UC, 2nd floor

Men's Bible Studies

Men’s Freshmen& Upperclassmen

  • Topic: Be a Man: Life and Virtues of St. Joseph  

  • Leader: Andrew Flusche

    • Tuesday at 6PM in the UC, 2nd floor.

*UC 1st floor is by the Chandler's ballroom. 

If the following times do not work with your schedule and you are interested in joining a Bible study, please contact Katrina at katrina@umwccm.org.