April 9, 2019

How often do you think about God’s presence in every moment of your life? He’s always there! If we fully grasped this concept, imagine the gratitude that would constantly flow forth. This week, Sr. Frances Carol, O.S.F.S., wrote for us a reflection on God’s continual presence, and joy as gratitude’s final end.

Living a faith-filled life, we experience God in all things and all things in God. This faith calls us to be grateful for each moment of our life and to recognize in the experiences of each moment our interaction with God. Our daily journey calls us to look at these interactions, to see God in each moment and to take time to be grateful for each one. How we grow and develop in our spiritual life will depend on how we react with each of these moments. As we experience gratitude at each interaction, our heart and soul become filled with joy. We make sense of the past, we find peace in the present moment, and we anticipate what is to come tomorrow. Knowing that we are walking each step with God, we are grateful for his guidance and care. Gratitude makes us joyful and this joy brings us ultimate happiness. Following the maxim of St. Francis de Sales, “Be who you are and be that well,” we recognize who we are and that living a life of gratitude allows joy to flow out of us and to help us become good and holy people of God. It is this joy which flows out of gratitude and leads us close to our God.

-Sr. Frances Carol