March 12. 2019

This week’s theme is ‘Gratitude and the Eucharist”. Father Michael Kelly, Parochial Vicar at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception reflected on the sacrifice of the Mass as thanksgiving to our Lord:

Has anyone ever encouraged you to think positively? It’s kind of annoying. Why should I think positively? Isn’t it just wishful thinking? And besides, if you end up like Job, how positive do you have a reason to be? Not much. What’s really wrong with positive and negative thinking is not outcomes realistic or otherwise. It’s that they are worldly thoughts. And the Eucharist is the most heavenly thing there is.

Eucharist is from the Greek word “eucharistia,” meaning “thanksgiving.” That’s an amazing thought! The Mass is an act of thanksgiving! You’ve had a thanksgiving meal every Sunday and you didn’t even have to eat turnips! The highest prayer we have, the Mass, is an act of thanksgiving to the Father from the Son on our behalf. But don’t forget it is also a sacrifice. You see Jesus, in the Mass, makes thanks to his Father and offers Himself in gratitude and reparation. This is no worldly thought. We give thanks based on what Jesus did and what the Father offered in Jesus. The next time you are at Mass, offer up everything in your life, good and bad, to the Father through Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. Give thanks in everything, because that is how Jesus lived, even in his darkest bitterest moments. And give thanks for the Eucharist, a gift worthy of the highest praise.

-Fr. Kelly